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Coastal Art Gallery
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sunset sailing oil on canvas Coastal Oil Painting
Hyde County Shrimp Boats Oriental NC Art Painting Prints Two men in fishing boat oil painting
Safe Harbor Shrimper Oriental NC
Fishing at Cape Lookout watercolor art Shrimboat Print coastal art
Shrimp boat oil painting - limited edition prints Sailing Regatta art coastal
sportfisher boat watercolor painting
Cape Hatteras Lighthouse - Print Ocracoke Art Prints Coastal waterclor Beaufort Waterfront Print watercolor
Oriental Harbor - Shadows Cape Lookout Lighthouse - Fishing Boat Print Oriental NC North Carolina
View from Harbor - Oriental NC - Limited Edition Prints Ocracoke Painting - Print Camp Seagull - Oriental NC Oil Painting Art
Silverlake - Ocracoke Limited Edition Print Fisher at Rest Print Fish House Reflections
Dockside Reflections - Limited Edition Print
Shrimper's Return Regatta Colors - Limited Edition print
Sailboat Regatta
Small Sailboat Regatta - Print Sailiboats - watercolor
Marsh grass pen and ink Grifton NC Steamboat

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Coastal Art by North Carolina Artist Bob Pittman with paitnings of Cape Lookout, Ocracoke, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, Sailboats,, Shrimp Boat Trawlers and other seascapes.