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Terms and Conditions

What is a Giclée?
A fine art Giclée is created from the artist's original artwork. An extremely high resolution digital image of the artwork is made, then loaded into specially enhanced printers that output the digital image onto canvas. Since the digital image includes every subtlety and nuance of the original - including the smallest details of light and shadow such as the textures of the paint and canvas or paper - the fine art Giclée is often indistinguishable from the original work of art. Brush strokes have the appearance of brush strokes, even though they are only two dimensional images on the canvas.
Limited Edition Prints
Limited edition prints are printed on a fine quality Textured Fine Art Paper, similar to watercolor paper.
Original paintings and Giclée Prints will be boxed up and shipped out usually within 2 days of ordering. A small shipping charge will be applied accordingly, depending on the size of the piece.

Limited Edition Prints will be shipped out rolled in a crush resistant tube for the most cost effective delivery method. Prints are shipped the morning after the order is placed, or same day if order is received by 10:00 am.

If shipping outside the Continental US, additional charges may apply.


The easiest method of payment is though Paypal. Simply click the "Add to Cart" for each piece you wish to purchase. A separate window will open with your items in a "Shopping Cart". Click checkout and follow the steps to make a payment. You can use your Credit Card or an existing Pay Pal account.

Quality & Care
The Inks, fine art paper used in the creation of the Limited Edition Prints, and canvas used for Giclée prints are of the highest quality available and have been Wilhelm tested to resist fading for many years. To increase the longevity of your print, Giclée, or original oil painting, do not expose to direct sunlight or excessive moisture.

& Questions
Please feel free to contact Bob Pittman with any questions or concerns...

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